Herbs for Atrial Fibrillation

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Bipolar article: Herbs for Atrial FibrillationHerbs for Atrial Fibrillation

You may have been suffering from atrial fibrillation for quite some time now and are ready to try some new methods to see if you make an impact.

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  • Is there something I can take to sleep. Every time I start to doze off I get (panic attack) and jump up panting. Need some sleep
  • I highly recommend an herb; T-Arjuna aka Terminalia Arjuna. Very good for the heart in numerous ways. If you are taking daily aspirin, consider switching to "Nattokinase". Better results with no side effects. Do the research.
  • @icu812eieio I'm new to this site, and also 6 months into afib...I have been reading a lot and found the info on Nattokinase, can you tell me more about it please, I can not take any prescrip. blood thinners so am only able to take aspirin...this sounds like a really good option?? Also taking Hawthorne and other cardio vitamins from Standard Process, not taking any rate or rhythm drugs either cause of awful side effects..so just trying to control with diet and supplements. Any thoughts?

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