Afib and Weakness

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Bipolar article: Afib and WeaknessAfib and Weakness

If you have a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation and you develop weakness, it is important that you take note of other symptoms and notify your doctor.

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  • nannynanny Member
    I agree with Judy, can't do simple chores without resting. And I've already had ablation.
  • Who The heck wrote this article? Does not sound like a person that has ever had afib...You cant go to the hospital every time you feel week, You are always weak body wise and sometimes you feel more off balance then others, I did not see one word of anxiety in there either. I am with Nanny and Judy on this, Just so tired, and tired of being tired. Fighting it sometimes just sucks causing panic. It's hard to find a healthy balance. I cant wait for my ablation, and I hope it does help. These kind of articles drive me nuts. Afib is different for everyone but most symptoms are alike and not life threatning.

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