First AFib episode

A week ago, yesterday (9/15/16), I had my first episode. Had no idea what was going on, but after a leisurely day that consisted of gym, lunch, and pool time, I had my first event. I'm 65 with pre-hypertension bp, that I take 10mg of Ramipril and have taken for more than 15 years. Along with that I take a baby aspirin, daily. I was drinking alcohol on a daily basis, but only a few drinks after supper. After having everything stabilized after 45 minutes at emergency room, I have been fine since. All test proved negative and echo, xray were all good. So, have no idea what prompted this (maybe, dehydration around pool?). I visited with a cardiologist afterwards and he said because of my age and hypertension I was a 2 on the AFib scale. I really didn't want to go on thinners after this one episode. After performing another EKG, he said I could try just the Ramipril and Asprin and watch my heart rate on my own. So, basically, I am back to where I was before this happened. Now, where do I go from here, I wonder? Should I abstain from drinking all together, is one question I am asking. Diet is great, exercise is great.



  • AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
    @12String Thank you for reaching out. Research suggests there is a correlation between AFib and alcohol. We have an article on it here:

    I hope this helps!
  • Thank you, Alyssa. It was helpful. Especially, how dehydration can effect body chemistry. I know drinking definitely causes that. I actually have been trying to determine what might have caused my episode and I thought (through learning about AFib), dehydration might have been a cause. I don't drink a lot of water and I was in the pool for a couple of hours in the South Coastal Texas sun. Who knows, but I'm glad to have found this site to speed read and learn about AFib. Thanks, Alyssa.
  • hello everyone! I have afib for 2 yrs now ...happens quit frequently ..actually Ive always had it just never to this extreme...i have 2 heart drs now.,,,im wearing a heart loop moniter in my chest. I got a call last week and I am to see my new dr in Syracuse as he found afib also and wants to discuss my treatment options....I am on fleccanide and carvieldol and zarelato still having issues and im so worn out from worrying should I eat should not do this and that...its very scary brother and sister and mom have this although at different levels of afib ..I pray I meditate and try surround myself with positive people...I quit drinking alcohol...which was easy...never smoked..but stress has been a major influence in my life...I cant wait to talk with my new heart dr...will let yall know how it goes...I so dislike living like this ...I have suffered w panic attacks also .but this Afib much different...praying for everyone!!
  • In my opinion, it's never good to add alcohol to any prescription medications. Also, I used to drink a lot of cola products over the years and then learned I had A-Fib, so I changed to a caffeine free cola. Good luck to you!

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