my story

So I was born with a hole in my heart and did not find out until I was 19 and had surgery to fix that as well as some episodes of afib. Scroll forward 35 yrs and suddenly last month I went in to afib again. I thought it would past but 2 days later was admitted to the hospital and had a cardio ablation. This worked for about five days then I had another abalation, this time as outpatient. The third cardio version was done the following saturday as again not even 3 days later I was admitted to the hospital on that friday. Because I am allergic to Iodine and some of the medicine they wanted to use, it was determined I needed an cryoablation which I had last week. I am so frustrated though as the next day i was in afib again and am indeed currently in afib. Today I had a stress test to see if there is anything else affecting my heart.

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