Anxiety issues and afib

Since I am newly diagnosed 7 days ago with AFIB and yet,have been having issues with panic disorder for the past 6 months,,,,,I am wondering if it is common to connect anxiety and AFIB???It is almost a question of which came first,chicken or egg?? I just recently set up counseling to deal with my panic disorder and before my first appt,,,,there came the AFIB attack,,,,now I have both to deal with,,,,,would appreciate any comments as to how related these 2 might be,,,,,


  • DebbeDebbe Member
    Anxiety and AFib often go hand-in-hand. With each of us, it is different on which one came first. Too many clinicians assume that anxiety comes first (esp with women). Often AFib leads to anxiety. I'm glad you're looking into counseling as that (and possible meds) can really help. :-)
  • I found a really great guided mediation for Afib on You tube. I practice it religiously and find it helps. Here is the connection:
    if the connection does not work just type in Meditation for Cardiac Arrhythmia and that should take you there.
  • and it looks like the url I pasted turned into a funny picture and does not take you there. Anyways type in Mediation for Cardiac Arrhythmias on you tube and it should take you there - maybe this will work better

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