Helpful Online Resources for Living With AFib

Where to Go for AFib Info, Care, and Support

Helpful AFib ResourcesThere is a host of supportive AFib resources out there. Depending on what you need to find or learn, some will certainly prove more useful than others. Since there are so many websites, organizations, and forums to browse through, it can take a while to find the right repository of facts and support for you, but you can start your search with a few reliable websites.

All you need is an internet connection and some time to explore these excellent tools to make life with AFib a little easier.

Blogs to Follow

Sometimes the best resources are the ones that are constantly updated, and that’s especially true when it comes to serious health conditions. There are new developments in AFib research and treatment all the time, and the better you can keep up, the more control you can take over your heart health.

Blogs can be a great place to get accessible info, and connect to other people that know what you’re going through. Check out these blogs that combine a good arsenal of accurate info with a personal, creative touch:

  • StopAFib Blog – The blog at is run by Melanie True Hills, a heart health expert and accomplished author, which explains the wealth of thorough and helpful information you’ll find there. Visit to browse through the well-organized features, and there’s a forum to share stories and get advice from other AFib patients. This is the place to come for the latest news on advances in treatment, experimental trials, medication discounts, and even patient conferences.
  • Cardiac Health – Run by Dr. Tryzelaar, a retired cardiac surgeon, this blog is a comprehensive compilation of patient questions (and doctor’s answers), latest news on heart conditions, clearly written articles on heart health, and even resources for doctors and health professionals. It’s clear that Dr. Tryzelaar wants to help his heart-conscious community as best he can, and he even maintains a section on heart healthy living that includes the expert opinions of a nutritionist and chef.
  • AFib Runner – If you’re an AFib patient who’s also a fitness enthusiast (or simply doing your best to stay in shape), you’ll want to check out Michal McCullough’s blog. He’s not a cardiologist (he happens to be a doctor, but of podiatry), but he has a lot of first-hand experience and information on staying active with AFib. Inspiring, motivating, and enlightening, this blog deserves your attention – and may even help you improve your heart fitness.

There are many, many blogs out there that could help you sort through your questions, concerns, and feelings. Spend some time investigating other recommended blogs by following some links you find on these reputable AFib websites.


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Mar 11, 2015
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