Smartphone Apps for AFib

Smartphone Apps To Help Manage Your Atrial Fibrillation

Smartphone Apps for AFibLiving with Atrial Fibrillation (AF) can be a scary prospect. This condition causes an abnormal heart rhythm which can lead to heart palpitations, fainting, chest pain, and even congestive heart failure.

Once diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation there are methods that can assist with monitoring the condition, but did you know that smartphone apps offer some of the most useful tools? AFib apps and peripheral devices can quickly get you the information you need to not only help you monitor your heart, but to also share that information with your doctor.

AF Detect

This is not only a heart monitor application, but is specifically a photo AFib detector app. It uses the built-in camera on your smartphone to detect and alert you to when the condition is acting up.

However, the app prefers that the camera have its own flash. AF Detect comes with data visualization, as well as recommendations based on the data it receives. Therefore, if you perform a reading and aren’t sure what step to take next, AF Detect can offer some guidance.

AF Detect on Android

AF Detect on iPhone

AFib Educator

The developer of this app incorporates a wealth of AFib-related information into one program. The content includes up-to-date facts on AFib types, statistics on how many patients have the condition around the world, and it lists risk factors to be aware of.

It is an interactive resource for physicians; they can use it to educate their patients. The app also emphasizes the importance of management of AFib by following the guidelines of rate control, rhythm control, and stroke prevention.


AFib Educator on Android

AFib Educator on iPhone

Runtastic Heart Rate Pro

This Atrial Fibrillation app lets you check your heart rate at any time, and it’s great for people who are regularly exercising. The app lets you track your heart rate before, during, and after a period of exercise. It also uses the smartphone camera sensor to check your heart rate.

You can set the application to recognize your heart rate at rest, or before and after your workout. You can also upload your results to their main website,

Runtastic Heart Rate Pro on Android

Runtastic Heart Rate Pro on iPhone

Heart Rate Monitor

Some AFib apps you have to pay for and you may not want all the extra bells and whistles that you’re shelling out cash to obtain. If you’re looking for a capable monitor that is free the Heart Rate Monitor app should fit the bill.

It’s simple, basic, and gives accurate readings. Just hold your finger over the camera lens steady and lightly. It analyzes blood flow through the tip of your finger and gives quick and precise results if used properly.

Heart Rate Monitor on Android

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Jul 23, 2014
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