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AFib and Losing Weight: How a Healthy Lifestyle Can Impact AFib

AFib and Losing Weight

Maintaining or reaching a healthy weight is very important if you have atrial fibrillation, even if your heart rhythm is well controlled. If you want to live well despite atrial fibrillation, follow a healthy diet and exercise program. Consult with your cardiologist or a nutrition expert for individualized advice on AFib and losing weight. Always seek the advice of your cardiologist fefore beginning an exercise program. Here are some reasons why maintaining a healthy weight is...

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Yoga for AFib

Why AFib Patients Should Be Doing Yoga

What is it about yoga for AFib that works so well? As it turns out, there are a few key physiological improvements that come with a regular yoga practice.
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Video Traveling with AFib video

5 Tips for Traveling with AFib

Going on vacation is wonderful, but travel, changes in routine, and being away from your medical team can lead to complications with your AFib.
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Diet for Atrial Fibrillation

How What You’re Eating Can Affect AFib Symptoms

If you suffer from AFib, it is likely you’ve received a lot of information about a healthy diet. But what exactly is a healthy diet for atrial fibrillation?
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AFib and Losing Weight

The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Weight With AFib

Managing AFib and losing weight are important to keep your cardiovascular system healthy so you don't develop potential life-threatening complications.
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Living with AFib

Top 10 NLO|AFib Articles of 2015

A countdown of the top 10 NewLifeOutlook|AFib articles of 2015.
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Living with AFib

10 Healthy Habits for Living with AFib

These healthy habits benefit your heart and blood vessels, improving the health of every cell in your body and make living with AFib more enjoyable.
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How AFib Patients Can Benefit From Breathing Techniques

How AFib Patients Can Benefit From Breathing Techniques

Have you considered trying breathing techniques for AFib? Breathing exercises and and relaxation techniques can have great benefits for your heart.
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Avoid These Common AFib Triggers to Improve Quality of Life

Avoid These Common AFib Triggers to Improve Quality of Life

Several foods, habits and events are common AFib triggers, which can lead to an AFib episode. Learn more about these triggers so you can avoid them.
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Heart Healthy Soups for AFib Symptoms

Heart Healthy Soups for AFib Symptoms

What type of soups would be helpful for you if you have Afib? These healthy soup recipes are filled with phytonutrients and vitamins to help reduce Afib.
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Healthy Salad Ingredients to Mix Up Your AFib Diet

Healthy Salad Ingredients to Mix Up Your AFib Diet

Healthy salad ingredients for those who have Afib are the foods that have the highest nutrient density. Vegetables, fruits, and nuts are nutrient dense.
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