Living With Atrial Fibrillation
Jeffrey Redekopp
Jeffrey Redekopp
September 17, 2018
It's important to adopt effective self-care habits to improve nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and mental health when living with atrial fibrillation.

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AFib Ablation

Can an AFib Ablation Help AFib Symptoms?

AFib ablation is another option for those with persistent AFib symptoms when no other treatment has been successful in managing the symptoms.
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Choosing an AFib Treatment That Works

Four AFib Treatment Options Worth Considering

AFib treatment begins with an early diagnosis so that your physician can develop and implement a comprehensive plan before serious problems occur.
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Atrial Fibrillation and Blood Thinners

What AFib Patients Should Know About Blood Thinners

If you've been recently prescribed blood thinners for AFib, there's a lot more to atrial fibrillation and blood thinners you may not know about.
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AFIB Medications

The Importance of Taking AFib Medications and Treatment Options

If you've been recently diagnosed with AFib, you may wonder why it is important to take medication and what your options for AFIB medications are.
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Magnesium for Atrial Fibrillation

The Importance of Magnesium for People With Atrial Fibrillation

Magnesium is an important mineral for everyone, but it's particularly important for people with AFib. Learn more about magnesium for atrial fibrillation.
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Ablation for AFib

What to Expect From an Ablation for AFib

"I had a catheter ablation on March 5, 2015 ... I've been AFib-free for over a year and a half now," writes Travis on his ablation for AFib.
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Massage for AFib

Have You Tried Massage for AFib?

Massage is a great natural treatment for atrial fibrillation. Learn about the five most helpful types of massage for AFib treatment.
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Natural Treatment for Atrial Fibrillation

Natural AFib Treatment Options to Consider

You know AFib is nothing to mess with. Natural treatment for atrial fibrillation could help you manage your condition in combination with your medications.
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AFib Journal

How You Can Benefit From Keeping a Journal

It may seem silly at first, but keeping a journal is a great tool for atrial fibrillation treatment. Here's how to make the most of your AFib journal.
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Video 5 Natural Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

5 Natural Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

AFib increases your risk of having a stroke and developing heart disease, so managing other risk factors for things, like high blood pressure, is important.
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